Traditions Transformed

PresSometimes we feel like art has disappeared into the abyss of the modern World.  Picking_Wildflowers_sAs the World continues to develop, it often feels like the integrity and tradition that forms art is lost.  Until we (thankfully) stumbled across Kelly Louise Judd.  Us gals at Filthy Rebena immediately felt connected to Kelly’s work.  Upon first glance, her artwork appears to be what dreams are made of.  Each piece has this unspoken romance that makes us yearn for a magic potion that will morph our bodies into 2D gouache strokes — so we can crawl into our favorite moments of her paintings.  Due to the lack of 2D elixirs on the market, we spent a long time gazing into her artwork, getting caught up in the little nuances.  If you shake for themes of patterned fashions, plant life and animals – you must check out her artwork to awaken your folk soul.  Why?  To remind yourself we are all part of nature – which in turn brings the simplicity of life into focus.  Check out Kelly’s Blog here or her Etsy shop here.  She was even featured seller on the Etsy blog.  You go girl!

Big Cat Shenanigans

Lana WoodHow amazing are these photograph of these two wild cats together?!  Actress Lana Wood is caught whispering sweet poetry into a leopards ear for the 1969 issue of Italian magazine, Playmen. 
Lana Wood playing with a leopard

Lana Wood appeared in several films and television shows during the sixties and seventies.  She is best-known for her three minute long role playing the character Plenty O’Toole in the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds are Forever.  In the movie, Lana was plunged into a pool at the hands of a villain.  I suppose its much safer to stay out of the water and play with the neighborhood kittens.

Lana also gained fame by posing for Playboy naked.  Lana did make one strict condition of running her nudie photographs — Playboy must also publish some of her poetry.  We wonder what words of poetry she breathed into this big cat’s ear…

Horses & Cowgirls

horsecowFor whatever reason, I love these two images together side by side.  I have a feeling the cowgirl in white spends a lot of time watching those wild horses.  Our dear cowgirl also knows a really good blacksmith whom specializes in silver.  A lot of folks are loving this rustic twist on the Southwest style and we love it too.  Although I love big silver jewelry, I consider myself more of a shell wearing mermaid in green, spending my time watching the wild seahorses.