Imaginary Flowers


Danse de Lune, also know as Art and Ghosts, is a UK based digital illustrator who draws inspiration from fairytales, dreams, nature, imaginary creatures and the supernatural.

Her series Imaginary Flowers might be our favorite as she’s created up some of the most imaginative botanical leaves and buds.


Isn’t her watercolor pallet just the dreamiest?!

Art & Ghost prints available at Etsy and Society6

Roadside Illustrator

Chandler O’Leary is a globetrotting illustrator.  On her travels she draws the most incredible visual stories that always inspire us to hit the road with Moleskin and paints in hand. Her illustrated portrayals of far out roadside attractions like Canada’s two ton tater tot, the world’s oldest gas station and a mermaid restaurant at Weeki Wachee Springs prove that there is clearly so much more to see . . . right here in our own backyard.






For more amazing roadside attraction illustrations, check out Drawn The Road Again.

Ink Me

Temporary tattoos are the latest addition to ripped jeans and floral crowns.

LimeLightTattoos - Holiday Flash Tattoos - $8.75 USD

LimeLightTattoos – Holiday Flash Tattoos – $8.75 USD

Spotted all over the red carpet, metallic jewellery tattoos are blazing through the fashion scene.

PepperInk - Geometrics Sugar Skull - $6.00 USD

PepperInk – Geometrics Sugar Skull – $6.00 USD

Unlike most trends that come and go, these won’t leave a dent in your pocket. They typically come in a bunch, stuck on sheets and cost a couple bucks. The advantage is that there’s no permanent commitment and you don’t need laser surgery to remove them since they are temporary.

Tattoorary - Dutch 'Delfts Blauw' - $10.00 USD

Tattoorary – Dutch ‘Delfts Blauw’ – $10.00 USD

Designers like Tommy Hilfiger are sending models down the runway in these designs. A longtime ambassador of the trend is Beyonce. She even collaborated with a fashion house’s temporary tattoo line back in 2010. She displayed several of the designs while celebrating her 33rd birthday in Italy and later shared a series of snaps of the body art on her Instagram page.

It'sTattooTime - Cheshire Cat - $21.00 USD

It’sTattooTime – Cheshire Cat – $21.00 USD

Rebena would wear them piled together for a layered look.  She would stick rings on her wrists close together to imitate stacked bangles. The next wave is a watercolour version of metallic tats in hand-painted designs.

LimeLightTattoos - 3 Sheet Tattoo Collection - $30.00 USD

LimeLightTattoos – 3 Sheet Tattoo Collection – $30.00 USD

Filthy’s 3rd Birthday

And this is how we are gonna celebrate….  🙂

We kicked off the morning with a strong cup of joe and web browsing through our Pinterest for sweet birthday watercolors.  Our new favorite past-time seems to be creating collages and double exposure pictures in photoshop.  It feels like a college computer class all over again, except we can blast the cosmic funk, currently our favorite genre of vintage tunes.  Those atmospheric sounds and synth solos really put us Filthy gals in a psychedelic mood – perfect inspiration for creating.
Did a little updating to our social media outlets to let the great big World know to celebrate our 3rd birthday.  Then, we packed  our coffee mugs, iPods and anti-bacterial soap and hit the local thrift shops for treasure hunting.  Natalie found herself a rather lovely, wool pinstripe suit.  #GIRLBOSS
By the time treasure hunting was over, we hit our lucky 3rd sale of the day.  Rad high-fives followed.  Slurped up the rest of our coffee for fuel to get shipping.  Can we double expose our all-time favorite Canada post mail chick?  Hell yeah we can!!!!  Love Christina’s (Canadian-made) tall Sorel snow boots!  Also, we love supporting Canada Post as it allows us to contribute a (very small) slice to over 71,000  Canadian workers.  Again, blasting that cosmic funk.

NatRobberThe doe-eyed Nat-Brat is either robbing a bank or headed off to trim windows.  Window Trimming, Merchandising, Styling.  It’s nice to remember that this skill is the humble foundation of Filthy Rebena.  By the way, we are absoultely loving the Holiday windows we have been seeing.  Keep up the great work Merchandisers of the world.  It’s your time to shine.
NatalieWatercolorNat-Brat will be watching her back as the mannequins have been trying to ruffle at her rocking fringe.  Speaking of rocks…
Check out this sweet birthday gift that we received from San Francisco Etsy Seller, Moonshine Supplies.  It’s a beautiful titanium aura quartz cluster with many pretty points and a flat bottom.  What a gem!  Ba-Ding!  We can be as cheesy as we want on our Birthday.

It’s snowing here like no ones business.  Took our John Lennon glasses for nice winter walk to peruse the holiday windows, grab some grub for tonights b-day dinner and send off the last bit of Filthy’s sales for the day.  Love that these big round glasses act as a windshield against the snow.

Ah, the ol’ Etsy grind.  What is the typical Etsy grind you may ask?  Vintage.  Steam. Lighting.  Photography.  Photoshop.  Curate.  Descriptions.  Measure.  Upload.  Renew.  Refresh.  Tweet.  The secret?!?!  Repeat x 5 daily.  Having a good network helps too – especially if they take you on adventures and expose you to local restaurants.  Etsy is full of great resources, people and local teams to help us along the way.  In the end, Filthy Rebena’s success lies somewhere within the hard work of the Etsy grind.  We put Filthy on the main burner in 2014 and here is what a little elbow grease got us:  A 212% increase in views.  A 268% increase in the number of sales.  *AND*  A 200% increase in revenue.  Soared right over our business plan projections for 2014.  Birthday insanity.  Many gals feel uncomfortable discussing business – those gals can kiss our birthday suits.  😉


After all that Etsy grinding it was time to eat.  Sadly our Ham and Bananas Hollandaise and Shrimp Sandwich Rolls didn’t turn as expected.  So we opted for extreme grilled cheese sandwiches, a frosty Mill Street and a whale-sized fancy cupcake for dessert.  Feeling fat and lazy i.e. feeling freaking amazing.
TheApartmentWednesday nights =’s Vintage Movie Nights=’s Filthy Rebena Movie Club.  Tonight we grabbed our favorite fella, Skyy Stratosphere and tuned into the 1960’s flick, The Apartment.  Being a romantic comedy, The Apartment really surprised us.  It was a very cleverly placed, quick comedy with a top-notch cast and whimsical premise.  It walks a fine balance between drama and comedy which is always appreciated.

sleepygalUs Filthy gals are tuckered out and ready to catch some Zzz’s.  Popped on some relaxing acoustic guitar to get in the Zzzz-zone.  Could you listen to Bon Iver until the sun rises?  Thanks for following along with us and celebrating the big 3 today.  We truly appreciate it.  May you have Way Perry filled dreams.  Oh hey, check out this link for sure.  It’s the top flicker photographs of sleep levitation.  Dreamy, no?  Tomorrow always comes and today is never yesterday.