Sexy Savages

Earth tones, suede and high laced boots are more than just a bohemian throwback.  They are essential pieces for a night on the prowl.
123456789We are loving this wild photograph that was featured in American Vogue.  British model Cara Delevingne is modelling alongside a grizzly bear.  C
ara is looking like a mod, sexy savage while wearing Balenciaga’s pumpkin suede shift dress.

Tiles ‘N’ Booties

SeaIsn’t it interesting when you love everything about a photograph.  This photograph is not just about the clothing – although those booties are to die for.  The tiles are even more amazing, along with the railing of the boat, the ripples in the water, the blue-green tones.  Rebena loves how free she feels down by the sea.

Model: Colinne Michaelis.  Photography: Arnaud Pyvka.  Publisher: Marie Claire Italia, March 2014.