Ugly Shoe Trend

4Welcome to the premier of “Wear It Wednesday” where we explore how to style garments that make us go “Hmmm“.  This week we focus on the “ugly” shoe trend that has been infesting the wonderful world of fashion.  The revival of the thick-soled, chunky leather-strapped beast is really happening folks.  The ugly shoe trend is not the most flattering silhouette for a shoe and some say its a symbol of not caring – but we cannot argue with the fact that being comfortable is sexy.  So let’s frumpify some feet and make this uncomely shoe look stylish.
Street Style

Tip #1: If you’re going to try this trend yourself know the experts say that pedicured feet are paramount to making sure the look is more stylish and less slovenly.  Perhaps the pretty pedicure is what will set you aside from the hippies, grandmothers and kayakers.

2Tip #2:  As you can imagine, a chunky sandal doesn’t exactly work the same leg-lengthening magic as a heel.  A dress that shows some skin or gives a semblance of your figure is ideal, as it balances the anti-allure of the sandal.
Tip #3:  Statement accessories will take some of pressure off those bold sandals.  Funky sunglasses, heavy jewelry or over-sized handbags will add more to an outfit than just a funky pair of shoes.

So will you be trading in your high-heeled gladiators for the ugly shoe trend this summer?  Let us know in the comments below!

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