Lacquer Lovers

A perfect manicure in a hot-off-the-runway color is the easiest way to update your look.  Here are some of Rebena’s favorite colors for Spring 2015 – fresh off the runway!


Manicured Models Delpozo’s Spring 2015

Kickin’ this blog off with my favorite pick of 2015 – a color I like to call “Peachy-Melon”.  Fans of spring’s 1970’s trend should head straight for perfect peach hues at the nail salon.  Nothing looks better with the decade’s retro florals, true blue denim and sumptuous suedes than this vintage-inspired shade.  Negative space nail art and melon hues are two trends that were made to come together!  Just look at the divine manicure at Delpozo’s spring 2015 show for proof.  If brooding or bright colors aren’t for you this hue is a softer option to play with.


Christian Louboutin Nail Polish in Stone

Christian Louboutin nailed it with this cool stone grey color in his just-launched lacquer line. The polish, seen here at Peter Som’s spring 2015 show, is a perfect way to branch out if you’re the type to play it safe at the nail salon.


Matte Bronze – Giorgio Armani

Take a page straight out of Giorgio Armani’s playbook and mix metallic hues for a thoroughly modern effect. Specifically, pair silver jewelry and glimmering eyeliner with bold copper nails made soft with a matte topcoat.

Gold Stripes - Light Pink

Christian Louboutin – Gold Stripes & Petal Pink

Petal pink nails might seem somewhat plain but give them a good three-coat job and add a subtle gold stripe at the base of nails and the look feels incredibly romantic and not at all basic. Girls with longer nails, this hue is for you.  Gold stripes have been gracing the runways.  You can get awesome metallic lines without using polish – a great way to dress up your nails this summer!


Jin Soon

Conjure old-world glamour with this sultry shade. Used here: a soon-to-be-released, yet-to-be-named shade from Jin Soon’s spring collection.  There are equally beautiful teals out there for the meantime for you to try.


Filthy Rebena’s Nails – Dusty Rose

What’s Rebena sportin’?  Dusty rose – a forever personal fave.  This is very close to Pantones color of the year, Marsala.  Rebena has been dreaming of working her office in dusty rose, grey and a raw silk color.  Do you have a favorite nail color trend that was not mentioned in this post?  Will be be trying any of these colors this Spring?  Let Rebena know your lacquer loving thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Zoe ReportHarpers Bazaar

Pretty Clothes, Ugly Reality

Following January’s violent crackdown on Cambodian garment workers, a group of women decided they wanted a new way to draw attention to the workers’ struggle; something different where workers could express for themselves what was really going on.

They decided on a fashion show where workers would model the brand-name clothes they make everyday in the factories, but they’d do it with a very clear message to the brands – stop the violence, stop the exploitation and pay a decent wage. The show weaved together fashion, dance, music, and performance art; at one point men dressed in makeshift ‘Joe Fresh’ riot gear took to the catwalk before reenacting January’s violent crackdown and the death of a worker on stage. For more information on how Cambodian garment workers are draw attention to their rights, click here.
Garment workers recover after 100 women fainted at Sabrina Garment factory - a supplier of Nike and Lululemon.
Photograph: Garment workers recover after 100 women fainted at Sabrina Garment factory – a supplier of Nike and Lululemon.  Filthy Rebena is committed to fighting for a living wage for Cambodian garment workers.  We are lucky enough to have sexy and savvy customers that make the conscious choice to purchase garments from Filthy Rebena as 5% of their purchase goes to “Labour Behind The Label”.   Labour Behind The Label is an organization that supports the principle of a living wage for garment workers world wide.  Together we can make a difference in the lives of Cambodian workers.

Source: Heather Stilwell

High Rollin’ Cabaret

boysWhat a great vintage photograph LIFE Magazine.  I’m no photography expert but I love the juxtaposition in the photograph.  The mix of restraint, wonder and astonishment on the boys faces – sandwiched in-between the uninhibited, exciting and seducing atmosphere of burlesque.