City Summer




It’s the time of year for rooftop lovin’ and sun-scorched pavement.  Rolled down windows and catching a breeze romping with friends in the park.  Buttonfly cut offs and tribal bandeau’s.  Rebena’s reseale shop is fully stocked with the summer scorchin’ wardrobe staples that help bring your city to life.

Shutdown Sale


Chin up America!  Although your government has managed to confuse its citizens, displace 800,000 people from work, ruin vacations and even had the nerve to let panda cam go dark – it hasn’t shut down our biggest sale yet.  25% off all sweaters on Rebena`s Etsy page.  The sale will end when the government turns itself back on.  In the meantime, Rebena will be searching for the biggest sweater to keep the lonesome lady liberty warm.  Oh, and on a side note, if Hilary Clinton were still secretary of state, Rebena would totally throw a Pantsuit Sale…  Stay warm out there.