Halloween 2015


Caribou Bone Necklace | $35.00 | Filthy Rebena

The walking dead have once again taken over Filthy Rebena. Our shops have become a terrifying mess of crooked palm readers, strung out disco divas and most recently, roaming zombies that are on the hunt for your brains… and our vintage clothing.


Upcycled Brain Splatter Dress – Small – $22.00 – Filthy Rebena

Whether you’re looking for vampy séance swag, carnival cocktail wear or murderous marionette attire – we’ve got you covered.  Rebena’s shops have become a bloodbath of vintage that have been tortured for decades, waiting for a victim like you to take them for a trick this Hallow’s Eve.  If you’re looking for a treat, we have a shocking surprise sale that will make your skin crawl.


Gold Necklace – $15.00 – Filthy Rebena

Use coupon code “TREAT25” at the Etsy checkout to save 25% off your Hallow’s Eve gear until 10/21/2015.   Happy haunting.

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Vintage Valentines

valentine1They don’t make valentines like they used to.  The love notes given in the early 20th century were much more interesting than the cookie-cutter pop culture cards kids hand out today—in fact, some of them were deliciously strange.  Take a look back at the past of printed love, thanks to Page of Bats.
valentine5Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a little cannibalism!
Send a suicidal skunk for when being creepy just isn’t enough…
val2Let your valentine know that they kill ya with cancer ‘n’ diabetes.
valentine4Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can put it on a platter?
val3This nightmare kitten expresses his love with casual staking and furballs.
val4For your submissive Stockholm love kitten.
fliesHmm.  This shitty little Valentine makes me wonder, what is on her toast?
Val6Perhaps he’s dreaming of the little girl with the flies…
val7The dance of the sardine and leek, is this to say love stinks?
Sweet harassment and intimidation…
val8Nothing says love like a suggestive banana!
Val10Oh radiator stop, you’re making me sticky and steamy.
val15That crazy face is driving me batty!

How did you like Rebena’s collection of vintage Valentine’s?  Let Rebena know in the comments below.  For more vintage valentines, be sure to check out the source – Page Of Bats.  May your Valentine’s day be full of chocolate, flowers, cheesy cards and heaps of love.  For sweet, sugary swag, check out cupid’s closet here.