Say Goodbye

Our favorite London band, New Zebra Kid, just released a new track called “Say goodbye.” Give it a listen and let us know what you think.  Happy toe tappin’!

Released September 21, 2016
Written & performed by Aaron, Greggy & Nancy
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Greggy
Artwork by Rima

Tie Dye Feast


Hot Colored Dress – $32.00 USD

As the temperature rises and vibrant color patterns become the norm, the increasingly popular tie-dye style from the 1990’s is becoming a hot commodity for streetwear enthusiasts.


Batik Mini Dress – $36.00 USD

Filthy Rebena’s shop is bursting with original tie-dye designs from the 1990’s.  Rebena’s tie-dyed stock mainly consists of fashionable, handmade, artwork sundresses that were once sold at high prices in designer boutiques.  These bright, swirling, one-of-kind tie-dye sundresses are awesome for summer and are super easy to accessorize with beads, fringed cardigans and big hobo bags.


Crochet Maxi Dress – $38.00 USD

So go check out Rebena’s stock of brilliant patterns, original Indian designs!  We can guarantee the quality of our tie dye clothes is unsurpassed and we take extra care in processing your orders.  Love, peace and happy shopping!


Dressed In Greed

Do you buy fast fashion?  You can’t beat yourself up too much about it.  It’s the fashion industry’s responsibility to manufacture clothing in an ethical manner.  Sadly, corporations do not value lives as much as they do profit.  Stories of forced child labor, treacherous working conditions and toxic pollutants poisoning communities appear regularly.  Next time you are in the changing room, remember the message of the Potent Whisperer: their is always room to change.  Think thrift, try vintage, do some repairs.  The emperor has no clothes – just a body, mind and spirit.

Petrichor Protection

rain2The rain won’t stop but we’ve got nowhere to go.

We curl up in the window with a cup of


tea or coffee or a glass of something stronger

and stare at the passing gloom.


The tempo begins to caress our thoughts

whispering to our bodies to hush and hibernate

until the scent of petrichor

Rain11energizes our souls.