What A Gem!

This Wear it Wednesday the heat has Rebena saying hello to unexpected details and statement accessories. This week, it’s all about the drop earrings.
ErdemIf Rebena could only get her paws onto these Erdem Double Drop Earrings – they might just give her the confidence to rule the World.  Wear drop earrings with an up-do and bare neckline like the lady above – this is a great way to showcase your favorite glittering gems.
uhuhThese whimsical beauties are a “drop stud” style, created by Lulu Frost.  These earrings feature crystal lips and eyes that create a unique pair of asymmetrical earrings inspired by surrealist paintings from the 1920’s.
SparkleIf you aren’t into serious sparkle, check out semi-precious gemstones like these turquoise drop earrings from La Malu Boutique.  They are a step up from the seriousness associated with simple studs and do not overwhelm an outfit.  Will you be wearing any trendy ear candy this season?  Let Rebena know what you’ll be putting on your ears in the comments below.  If you are looking for good, quality thrifted earrings and jewerly, check out Rebena’s shop.

Eye-catching Trend

EyeIt may sound eerie but ocular pieces have been staring back at us lately.  Big fashion labels like Vera Wang and Kenzo Takada unleashed the power of the all-seeing eye in their outfits for their Fall/Winter 2013 collections.  Do you want to get in on this eye-catching look?  Take a scroll through our favorite picks of clothes, stylish accessories and eye-poppin’ home decor.

FrostWe’ve been loving this Insight Necklace ($430) from Lulu Frost.  This statement necklace features several eye-shaped links with allover crystal embellishment.
1010101Enjoy a good pairing of eyeball shirts and peplum skirts!  How about this amazing winky eyeball blouse from Primark?  On a side note, let your eyes wander on over to this gals website – she has great style.
all-seeing-eye-5We found a few design ideas that translate the all-seeing eye trend from runway to room. These playful pillows will help you wake up bushy tailed and bright eyed.  We would have loved this in my teenie-boppin’ years.  

From the mystical third eye to the protective evil eye, and even to the cartoonish googly eye, peepers have suddenly taken the fashion world by storm — and even we didn’t see this one coming!  What’s your favorite ocular trend do you have your eye on?