Tee Up

Vintage influences and minimalism are still dominating in the fashion world.  The most versatile way to wear vintage minimalism is to start with grabbing your favorite plain white t-shirt.  The white t-shirt is great because it is affordable, everybody is comfortable in them and it’s used as a blank canvas for your favorite statement pieces.  Here are three of Rebena’s favorite ways to wear a white tee right now.


White Tee and Khaki Combo

The white T-shirt and khakis combo has been absent in fashion for years, as everyone tried to forget those creepy Gap commercials from the late ‘90s but what’s old is new again.  Go for a flashier shoe – say, an on-trend espadrille in bold neon if you are trying to keep things out of normcore territory.


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White On White


We’ve got a good few months until Labor Day – make ’em count with a monochomatic ensemble!  It might feel tough to pull off but it’s actually a breeze to style.  Pair white on white with sandals, pumps, statement heels, even slip-on sneakers could all work with a silhouette this simple.

If you really want to get folks talking, pair your white tee with the most dramatic skirt in your closet, whether it’s a bright wiggle, floor-grazing maxi or a flouncy tutu!  Add sophistication with streamlined, modern shoes and edgier accessories.  If you are finding yourself headed to your t-shirt drawer more often this Spring, let us know how you like to tee-up your white t-shirts in the comments below.

Source: Pinterest, TumblrToronto Sun

Winter Skirts

Our shop is bursting at the seams with wooly winter skirts.  Wearing the wrong type of skirt during the cold winter months can leave you feeling more cold than chic. Choosing the right skirt and accompanying accessories will leave you feeling both warm and fashion forward.  Below are three great choices for the winter.


Winter Blues Skirt – $28.00 – 1970’s -Extra Small

Pick a skirt made of a heavier material. Sheer, lightweight fabrics look out of place and will only make you colder.  Opt for heavier materials like wool, velvet and leather.  A maxi-skirt in Winter will give you the least amount of hassle.  Many maxi-skirts can even be worn with minimal to no leg protection.  Pick out a skirt that extends somewhere between your mid-calf and the top of your foot, a few inches above your ankle. The longer the skirt, the warmer you’ll be.


Beige Wrap Skirt – $28.00 – 1970’s – Small

A midi-length (knee-length) skirt will give you the greatest amount of flexibility. Midi skirts can be made to look professional, trendy, or flirty, depending on how you accessorize them. You will need additional leg protection to keep your calves warm, however. Knee-high socks, legging and tall boots are cozy choices for a midi-skirt.  You can really be playful with your leg-wear while wearing a midi-skirt.


Wool Pencil Skirt – $29.00 – 1960’s – Small

Although the narrow shape of a pencil skirt can restrict the movement of the wearer, the pencil skirt will give you the greatest amount warmth due to reduced ventilation.    Pencil skirts are made to look professional as they fall to the knee and are super tailored for a close fit.  Pencil skirts in the winter look cute and will keep you warm with tucked in long-sleeve tops, textured scarves and nylons.  Don’t forget a long winter coat for extra warmth.
How will your wardrobe be keeping warm this winter?  Let us know in the comments below!