High-Waist Heights

Are you curious to see the most highest-waisted pants in the whole, wide world?



Black Crane Pleats Jumper in Sky – $214

Opening up my fashion news this morning, I came across a Refinery29 article that claimed there was a new pair of pants out there.  Refinery called these pants to be the “8th Wonder Of The World.”  Boy oh boy, were they ever right.


These pants are so high-waisted they blur the boundary between bottom and top!  I suppose these technically count as a jumpsuit, sure, but the pleating, that “waistband” and the lack of a cinch really give your brain the ol’ workaround, hmm?
3Do you love it or hate it?  Let us know in the comments below!

Knit Perspective


Don’t you just love yourself an over-sized, chunky sweater?  These sweaters are androgynous yet graceful.  Body enveloping and inviting to the touch.  High sartorial hopes and warmth on a rainy Spring day.  With this chilly Sprummer (Spring + Summer) weather upon us, get cozy with Rebena’s chunky sweaters.  


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Yes the dog days of summer are here and our little Rebena is wearing wool. Why? Because she is crazy. Because she is mad. Because wool in summer is a miracle. It breathes beautifully and transfers moisture away from the … Continue reading