Business Plan

Sorry for the holes in updates the last week but us ladies at Filthy Rebena are revamping the old Business Plan.  We hope our efforts will expand our product line, reinforce our visions, work grant magic and maybe even open a store front.  Maybe even start carrying a briefcase around town!  Although us gals haven’t moved much from the computer the last few days – you can find our desks on our Instagram.  I am learning that citrus oils are super awesome at keeping me focused.
InstaHere is Natalie’s desk on her sunny deck.  Natalie says that soaking up vitamin D helps her focus and type, type, type.  Maybe its true as she looks rather determined here.

Our conversations from our home offices been pretty short and sweet.  “Hey you got a management plan?”  “No.”  “Okay then.”  Ah, determined gmail chatting.  Pretty soon we will be chatting from our beautiful storefront and amazing office… 
 finally finished up with Products and Services.  Only took 3 hours.  Guh.
Natalie:  ya this shit is steep.
We will update our blog with pretty photography tomorrow.  In the meantime, let us know how you focus in the comments below – do you use vitamin D, citrus oils or something else to focus?

Fashion To Smile About


Rebena cannot even begin to explain how happy she is to see a smiling, healthy model.  Amber Valletta, kudos to you.  Your smile is freaking infectious.  (And we would have the same shit-eating grin if we had the opportunity to be in your shoes!)  Fashion is a huge business and sadly often appears incapable of taking itself lightly.  Rebena is a fashion cultist – she loves pretty clothes, mighty long catwalks and squeals when magazines are delivered at her doorstep.  Why is majority of the fashion folk not having any fun?  Whenever Rebena is a spectator at a runway show, everyone in the front row looks as if they have just gotten out of a miserable fight.  These gals are taking their harem pants and leather bandannas WAY TOO seriously.  We often wonder if this bitch-face plague is simply a side-effect of looking into the mirror too much…


Finally a glimmer of fun in the fashion world – brought to you by Italian retailer (or e-tailer) Yoox.  They have teamed up with environmentalist and super model Amber Valletta, who has curated a special corner named Master & Muse, available on the company’s website.  Don’t be turned off that Master & Muse is an ethical clothing line – it’s not not granola bars, flip-flops and trees – its pure fashion.  We’re talking brands that do things right like sustainable denim, organic-fiber sweaters and edgy, jumpsuits from zero-waste companies.  Rebena salutes you Amber Valletta for doing the right thing, taking socially responsibility more serious than yourself and always keeping a smile in your pocket.