Crisp Fall Ride


Love this Etsy Treasury that our Rodeo Skirt was included in.  The beautiful treasury is called “Crisp Fall Ride“.  It was curated by fellow merchant and whimsical fabric lover, “Fabric And Treasures“.  Thanks girl.  🙂

Horses & Cowgirls

horsecowFor whatever reason, I love these two images together side by side.  I have a feeling the cowgirl in white spends a lot of time watching those wild horses.  Our dear cowgirl also knows a really good blacksmith whom specializes in silver.  A lot of folks are loving this rustic twist on the Southwest style and we love it too.  Although I love big silver jewelry, I consider myself more of a shell wearing mermaid in green, spending my time watching the wild seahorses.

The Creeps


Sometimes thrift hunting gives us the bleeps, sweeps and the creeps.  You get that strange deja vu feeling that makes your head spin.  As if your bum is pasted to a wooden horse on an endless carousel.  Your stomach starts to turn to the nauseating tinkering of carnie music and you begin to trip out when your wooden horse reveals his gnarly smile.  We love it.  Thrifting is a trip.  Happy thrifting fine folks.