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High-waisted jeans. You’ve heard them called “mom jeans,” as well as other not so flattering nicknames, but it appears as if this vintage style may be making a return to modern fashion.  It’s not surprising, really as fashion trends do seems to cycle every 20 years or so. They may be called by a different name, but the style is the same. A good example is the bell bottom jeans from the 1970’s, which returned in the ’90s as boot cut jeans. Mid-century pedal pushers were reincarnated as capris, which remain popular today.

The look of high-waisted jeans can be pulled off it the fit is just right. When the high-waisted pants stop at the belly button, it narrows the appearance of the waistline, creating a better silhouette.  High-waisted jeans are are a hot back to school essential this year – women are going for high waist jeans and crop tops.


Heidi Klum keeps it chic in vintage high-waisted jeans

Apparently, other trends that they expect to make a comeback this year include flare pants, velvet, kimonos, and faux fur.  For those of us who lived through the high-waisted jeans trend in the ’90s, the return of this style may be a welcome change from the hip-hugging, muffin-top forming jeans that have been popular in the past decade.
If nothing else, high-waisted jeans give us a rear silhouette unlike any other type of jeans. They are more forgiving of fluffier figures, as well, which is always welcome in fashion.  What do you think of the return of high-waisted jeans?  Let us know in the comments below.

Source:  Ephemeralkid, Inquisitr

Cheap Clothes – High Cost

Cambodia’s aggressive anti-trafficking campaign is designed to rescue and rehabilitate sex workers. But many women say authorities there are actually forcing them into a trade where conditions and pay are even worse: making clothing for Western brands.  VICE News traveled to Phnom Penh to speak with former and current sex workers, officials and labor organizers to investigate what is happening to those swept up in the country’s trafficking crackdown.

Source: VICE News

Sexy Savages

Earth tones, suede and high laced boots are more than just a bohemian throwback.  They are essential pieces for a night on the prowl.
123456789We are loving this wild photograph that was featured in American Vogue.  British model Cara Delevingne is modelling alongside a grizzly bear.  C
ara is looking like a mod, sexy savage while wearing Balenciaga’s pumpkin suede shift dress.

Halloween Windows: Unconcealed


Fantastic high-fashion Halloween window with a vintage mask backdrop.  This window makes our knees weak as everything in this window is a want.  (especially those sweet masks)  If you like window trimming and Halloween – we highly suggest that you follow us on Instagram for more window updates as we pass through the city.