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Teensy spaghetti straps and flirty babydoll dresses were staples in every ’90s girl’s wardrobe.


Ditsy Rose Dress – Large – $22.00

Lucky for you nostalgic types, ’90s style is back and that means you can crank up the Pearl Jam and channel your inner Courtney Love with Filthy Rebena‘s “new” selection of ’90s floral grunge dresses.


Midnight Rose Dress – Large – $25.00

Since spring is (finally!) here, push those floral dresses to the front of your closet, because the style’s here to stay all spring and summer long.  Us Filthy gals love to layer grunge dresses.  They are a great dress to pair with combat boots and an oversized kimono vest for modern style perfection.


Midnight Gypsy Dress – Large – $26.00

In the spirit of ’90s icon Cher Horowitz, use coupon code “10SNAPS” at the checkout to give yourself 10% off your purchase.  Happy shopping!

90’s Comeback


Jelly Shoes & Smokin’ Ciggys

There was a time when you wouldn’t be caught dead in jelly shoes, Doc Martens or fanny packs but fashion trends change fast. You may have looked back on your elementary or middle school pictures and cringe at the sight of your overalls and the brightly-colored scrunchy in your hair. Now, if you have a bold sense of fashion, you are probably hitting thrift shops to find the clothes you once mocked and gave away, or maybe you are raiding your mother’s or even grandmother’s closets to try and stay ahead of the fashion trends.

90s Girls

Tough girls and their fanny packs


Fanny packs recently took a slingshot ride back to modern day attire. What was once thought of as borderline nerdy in the early 2000s is now a standard way to accessorize an outfit. Fanny packs are especially popular with music festival-goers and concert fanatics because they are a convenient way to carry your things without losing them.


Tattoo Chokers & Oversized Sweats

One of the fondest memories for ’90s children was taking a smooth, shiny quarter, sticking it in a machine and claiming your 25-cent treasure with a quick twist. The holiest of prizes was a stretchy, black tattoo-style choker, which symbolized the best of the ’90s generation.


Showin’ off your bellies since 1990

If you watch any ’90s sitcom, you will discover those characters made crop tops “fetch” before the modern generations. This trends appears in ’90s hit movie “Clueless,” while movies like “Mean Girls” reinforced its influence to the modern generations. Although the style was the same, the delivery has changed a bit. There is a fine line between looking fashionable and exposing your abdomen to the whole world.


Skyy Stratosphere modeling Filthy Rebena‘s line of Flannel

A fashion trend that may never die is flannel — the ultimate grunge symbol. Perhaps it will always be associated with the best of the ’80s and ’90s, but this style has survived generations. Today it can still be used to assemble a grunge look, but its influence has expanded. Flannel is also associated with the country scene as a very prominent fashion trend. It is a versatile look that everyone can enjoy.


We are well into 2015, but the ’90s influence is hotter than ever

So here is a moment of silence to the overalls you regret donating to Goodwill, the infinite stretchy chokers you lost or broke and the chunky jewelry you refused from your grandmother because you thought it was dorky. One can only hope that fashion trends such as frosted tips, platform Rocketdogs and light up sneakers stay tucked beneath the surface forever.

Source: Tumblr, FreePeople, StatePress

Creeper Boots

awang-bootsPop impresarios and style stalwarts Rihanna and Madonna have already been spotted wearing Alexander Wang’s Fall 2015 ’90s platform goth combat boots, and it’s a sure-tell sign we’ll soon all be pounding the concrete in these heavily-studded clod-hoppers.

boots2Clomp! Clomp! Clomp! That’s the sound of a fashion trend coming your way.

boots1I know, I know – heaps of folks are calling these creeper shoes “ugly-pretty” – but Madge and RiRi have really demonstrated their versatility and charm. For a pared-down look, take a cue from Bad Gal and style them simply with a pair of dark leggings, an oversized bomber jacket, a nondescript sweatshirt and dark sunglasses. The look is one part “Hot Topic mallrat”, one part “incognito Brunch ensemble”.

The burgundy variation of the boot.

The burgundy variation of the boot.

Off to a more decadent affair? Try the Material Girl’s approach: toughen up a prim skirt silhouette with leather, fur and plenty of fishnet stockings. The bulkiness of the shoe will make an otherwise overdone lewk a little more chill – a little more unexpected.

We’re Calling It: Alexander Wang’s Creeper Boots Will Be Fall’s ‘It’ Shoe

We’re Calling It: Alexander Wang’s Creeper Boots Will Be Fall’s ‘It’ Shoe

No matter how you wear them – these boots are bound to stomp all over footwear trends next season.

Feeling Grungey

The snow is white washing the city and we’ve been sleeping in.  Fighting off the inevitable winter cold with hot tea and keeping cozy in 1960’s grunge.

For great wooly winter favorites, check out the most amazing curated vintage here.  How do you keep cozy this time of year?  Let us know in the comments below.