Aladdin’s Shoe Cave

ShoeCaveAn American family have unearthed an Aladdin’s cave of mint-condition vintage shoes in an old building they inherited from their grandparents.  The building operated as a shoe store from the 1940s until the 1960s, but the doors had been locked for decades. Until now.  One of the family members posted the rare find to online noticeboard Reddit recently, but stopped short of revealing the location, so as to prevent any break-ins.

The historic collection is likely worth a small fortune.  All the shoes appear to be completely untouched and are at least 50 years old.  Despite some dust they are practically good as new.  The store closed when the grandmother fell ill and the family, too busy to manage it themselves, decided to close it, the blog Messy Nessy Chic reported.  ‘I have no idea how profitable (the business) was, perhaps that was a factor (in it closing),’ the user, Oktober75, posted on Reddit.

ShoeCave3My grandparents were known for hoarding. My guess is they went with the mentality ”it will be worth something some day”.  ‘That day came and went.’  However the user reiterated that the location will remain a secret, for security reasons, until the family is ready.  ‘When we’re ready to draw attention, I’d be happy to share more details,’ the user wrote.

For more information and tons of more photographs of this honey hole, check out the source,


Ode to Powdered Hair


I know it seems like I should have written about this right away when I saw the first Kevin Murphy hair chalk balls a few years back, and ombre was at its pinnacle peak, but to be quite honest the craze didn’t phase me then as it had while I was trudging down the rainy city street a couple afternoons ago.


I was walking past a salon where I saw a ‘new thing’ maybe not so new for those of you who are on the ball. But to me it started a brain train. So here it is, in the front window of a salon; SPRAY colored hair powder! In every lovely pastel color imaginable! No longer do you need to rub the chalky substance onto your hair, but you now have the luxury of an aerosol can (sorry mother nature). I looked at the picture of the model with an up-do containing many different sections in an array of different pastel colors. She looked pretty. Quite sweet, with a hint of Tavi when she went Grandma grey a few years back, man that girl gets it!


My mind traveled right on back to Marie Antoinette. I know she wasn’t the only one that powdered her hair.  In fact men and women did it for cleanliness concerns, to keep the fleas and the stink at bay. How crazy they were, how silly they all looked with their white grandma/grandpa style hair. Why not just wash it instead of adding piles and piles of powder?!

4Then my brain train traveled to my own life with many rushed early mornings and rushed late nights when there just isn’t quite enough time to get squeaky clean. Just throw on a bit of that dry shampoo, it really does smell much better than grease-ball bedhead and adds some nice volume…. Good god, that seems remarkably similar to this new pastel spray… which seems remarkably similar to the days when it used to be off with their heads!!


I can’t believe it, I slightly chuckled to myself and moved onto the next thought train…. at least we know that putting lead on your face now is completely out of the question. Rococo may still live on but the Elizabethan era is so over.


Loved these powdered hair shots from the Wildfox Lookbook

Ode to Granny

I have always liked the term Granny Chic.  And how could I not really, after all it is the epitome of thrift.  But not only thrift.  There seems to be a luxury about it.  I hear granny chic and I think of natural fabrics that transcend time.  Wool?  That sweater may be itchy as hell but when Granny puts a turtleneck under it she can face the coldest of days and knows it.  This is tried and true, an old faithful that she would be betraying if she got rid of it.  It has been in, it has been out, and it is probably in again, but for Granny it has been in the whole time.

granny-alphabet-BTim Walker’s book the Granny Alphabet inspired me to write this post.  Ode to Granny, because how could we think about Granny and not smile.

$29.00 CAD - Leather Moccasins

$29.00 CAD – Leather Moccasins

There are many types of Grannies out there.  We do not want to give a stereotype but to me I could really see this Gran liking a good pair of leather slip on moccasins that I came across from Bremen Blue Vintage.

Rebecca‘s shop puts care and love into the restoration of these vintage gems so their history can continue on through the decades with a new, loving owner!  Sounds like what Gran’s philosophy on keeping her wardrobe would be, a lot of care and love.

$5.00 CAD - Handmade Card

$5.00 CAD – Handmade Card

The sunshiny Grandma, always smiling and baking.  There is always so much cheer in her house especially when she’s baking something delicious.

I am sure she would love to give and to receive one of these lovely cards from Gotomago.

You are the apple of my pie grandma, I can hear her chuckling right now.  These cards are assembled by hand with love in Toronto by Lichia.


$18.00 CAD - Needlecraft

$18.00 CAD – Needlecraft

Sometimes the tres chic can be tres fou.  I feel like this Nan is sassy as well as chic and would laugh her ass off at I <3 Kink.  Although Crass Stitches claims that these are not your nana’s needlepoint, we will let her be the judge.  Shop owner Emily is a self proclaimed Crafty Vixen; who’s turned her filthy mouth into frilly cross stitches for all to enjoy!

mink granny

$51.93 CAD - Vintage Mink Collar

$51.93 CAD – Vintage Mink Collar

And of course there has to be some good ol’ furs in the mix.  This gorgeous mink collar from Eight Mile Vintage does the trick of function and fashion.   A must for Gramma ’cause baby it is still cold outside!

Olympic USA Sweaters

Opening-Ceremony-Sketch-Women-532x899On February 7, 2014 team USA debuted their new sweaters at the olympic opening ceremony in Sochi, Russia.  To put it lightly, the USA sweater design has caused quite a hype.  Criticisms Rebena has been hearing are things like:

“It looks like freedom barfed all over the USA team.”

“Sweaters look like a slap at Putin’s gay policies.”

“Why does Ralph Lauren hate America?”

“It’s like a knitted representation of a Toby Keith song.”

Rebena understands the hoopla.  Yes, the sweaters are loud.  Yes, they are patriotic.  For petes sake, yes, they do look like Ralph Lauren’s grandmother knit all the Team USA sweaters herself.

Now, before you spread any more social-media hoopla, take some time to get to know the origin of the sweater.  It’s 100% American soil.  The yarn comes from a 1860s-era farmstead in East Jordan, Michigan.  How amazing is that?  100 percent domestic wool from a small farm in Michigan.  Think about that.  For the wool workers, this sweater has created more jobs and is building a better economy for the state that needs it most, Michigan.  On a side note, more than 40 local vendors from small-town America helped Ralph Lauren produce its entire olympic wardrobe attire.

USA-Olympic-SweaterIn regards to the design of the sweater, Rebena keeps thinking about how stunning it is.  It’s an authentic an American treasure.  Rebena is loving the granny patchwork vibe.  Don’t like patchwork?  Well, may all of the haute players would wag their pretty little fingers at you.  (Dior Homme – Helmut Lang – House of HollandJonathan Simkhai)  Rebena thinks the sweater collage represents the American athletes well, as they each have their own unique story to tell.

If you’re still not on board with the sweater, you might want to chew on this.  For the first time in American olympic history, 100 percent of the purchase price of the Limited Edition Team USA Opening Ceremony Cardigan will be donated to the U.S. Olympic Committee, an organization supporting the United States of America’s best and brightest.

We think Oregon rancher Jeanne Carver sums it up best:  “It’s a parade uniform for our very best athletes on a world stage. They look sensational. They are making all of us proud.  There is power in the whole effort.”
Olympics: Opening CeremonyNow for the German uniforms..  Did a unicorn fart all over the team before they marched in?  😉  Have a great day folks.