Fashion Scholarships

studentThe fashion world is beautiful and always renovating. If you believe you are ready to become a very good professional on the field this page is for you. Have you ever imagined being able to study and practice your fashion talents while not having to spend a single penny in the whole process?  Well, it is more than possible to start your new fashion course right now with one of the 7 awesome scholarships below.

Kent university in the USA is ready to provide fashion lovers a golden chance: a full scholarship. Students who would like to try this scholarship should attach portfolio pictures, the EFC (expected family contribution) file and a few other documents. Once the scholarship is given students should also attend a few fashion ceremonies otherwise they will lose the scholarship.

This school also offers several different fashion related scholarships such as Fashion (clothes), Design and much more. Scholarships are given after competitions, so be creative! checkout this link for more details.

An excellent institution for those who would like to know all about fashion without having to spend money in the whole process. With over 15 different types of scholarships happening all year through this is the perfect place for people that would like to start right away.

Multiple students will have the opportunity to earn up to $30,000 dollars to be used towards any fashion and fashion design course that they would like. A perfect opportunity for all!

Students might be eligible to apply for this scholarship. The fashion design course takes 3 years and is the perfect opportunity for those who would like to know everything about the fashion world. Courses start on every fall.

Every year IFA Paris offers complete and partial scholarships for students from Paris and from abroad. This international institution offers a full scholarship at the value of 14,800 Euros and partial scholarships that are worth 7,400 euros.

With several different scholarships that have values from $100 dollars to $1000 dollars the Texas Woman’s University has been helping thousands of women from all over the country to make their dreams become true. The scholarships are given to multiple students on a yearly basis, which means you should always check when the scholarships stars to be available.
If you would like to keep on looking on great scholarship opportunities then make sure you go online right now and take a look at the following link: There are several different opportunities in the country and also for abroad. Good luck and happy studying!

Source: A Haute Mess

Parkdale Flea

ParkdalemapIt’s that time of month again to hit up the Parkdale Flea Market.  If you are looking for unique antiques, vintage, collectibles, local artisans work and local clothing designers – the Parkdale Flea is where it’s at.  Sunday, October 5, 2014 let’s meet up at the Parkdale Flea.  (10:00AM – 5:00PM – 1266 Queen) Really cool food and drink vendors are available be sure to visit hungry!  Oh and best of all, it’s FREE!  No entry fee’s.  Four legged friends are welcome too!  What motivates you to go to the flea market?  Please use the “comments” field to share your opinion.  Wishing you luck for your next flea-market hunt!

Mystical Vibes

Mind expanding happenings…
Carpet…to impromptu loft parties…
loft…to free spirited concerts in the park…

The meaning of life is to be alive.  Sometimes you can enhance life by embracing mystical vibes around you.  If you radiate positive vibes you’ll hear the music of the earth.  Being alive is beautiful.

Tootin’ Vintage Tags

Making an effort to purchase vintage and thrift clothing is so good for the earth, community and local economies.  The vintage tag is truly recycled, truly eco-friendly and truly child-labor-free.  Besides vintage being a do-gooder, it’s so fun to re-issue styles back into the fashion world.

So come on and stop corporate greed, global competition and nasty old sweatshops.  By purchasing products that are recycled, fairly traded, cooperatively produced or produced in a unionized factory, you can help end sweatshop and forced child labor.  Be good to each other and start getting your wardrobe legitimately clean.