Recycled Vegan Wool


This winter, stay toasty with cruelty-free wool jackets by New York designer Vaute. The brainchild of Leanne Hilgart, the Vaute winter coat line features plush vegan fabrics developed by Hilgart herself.


Faced with the cold winters of her hometown of Chicago, Hilgart sought out to find a wool alternative that would satisfy wintry standards. Her love of sheep, sent her on a hunt to create warm and water resistant clothing that comparable to wool. After eight months of researching high-tech mills, Hilgart developed a line of eco-conscious fabrics made from organic and recycled fibers.


Vaute’s line include durable parkas, long weather-proof coats, and cozy sweaters for both guys and girls. Although the pieces in Vaute’s line can guard against the winter chill, they aren’t bulky like many winter clothing pieces can be. Vaute’s line is known to be sleek and chic, allowing movement and style with warmth.


By choosing Vaute’s vegan-wool, fashionistas are sending the message that animal-free clothing can keep people warm, fashionable and ethical.


What do you think about Vaute’s vegan wool collection?  Also, let us know in the comments below how you feel about wearing vintage wool?  Us Filthy gals feel that there are millions of wool coats in great condition from decades ago, often passed down from generation to generation. Clearly, throwing these great wool garments away would be wasteful.  Surely it’s best to maximize the already made product and the eco-gentlest choice would be vintage wool.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  For more information on Vaute, check out our source at Ecouterre.

Earth Day Fashion

Happy Earth Day!  In the spirit of Momma Earth, today us Filthy gals will be giving some love to three, eco-friendly fashion lines that you need to check out.
itwasalladream19_copy_copyDelikate Rayne
Ethical. Sustainable. Luxurious. What more could you ask of  this delicate cruelty-free line?  Their crisp designs feature cruelty-free, vegan textiles to create a truly inspiring collection.  In fact, we’d be hard pressed to find styles more refined than these.

298A1639Bon George
Do you love vintage as much as us?  If so, this eco-conscious gem is not to be missed. The folks at Bon George are committed to delivering classic designs constructed out of salvaged vintage fabrics. Plus, their line is positively drop-dead gorgeous.
High quality and high eco-friendly standards intersect at this comfy-cozy brand. The sporty line made a commitment to only use organic cotton and sustainable practices, and they intend to keep that pact.

For many more eco-friendly fashion lines, check out our Earth Day source – EOnline.  Did we miss any of your favorite eco-friendly duds?  If so, let us know in the comments below.  Have a great Earth Day!  Tread lightly and be kind.  Xo.

Dressed In Greed

Do you buy fast fashion?  You can’t beat yourself up too much about it.  It’s the fashion industry’s responsibility to manufacture clothing in an ethical manner.  Sadly, corporations do not value lives as much as they do profit.  Stories of forced child labor, treacherous working conditions and toxic pollutants poisoning communities appear regularly.  Next time you are in the changing room, remember the message of the Potent Whisperer: their is always room to change.  Think thrift, try vintage, do some repairs.  The emperor has no clothes – just a body, mind and spirit.

Labour Behind The Label

Valentines-Campagin-LBLRebena is supersonic stoked about giving back a little love during the next month. Labour Behind The Label is one of our favorite campaigns.  Labour Behind The Label supports the principle of a living wage, aids in making sure garment factories are safe and is the brainchild behind the Six Items Challenge – a fashion fast to oppose fast fashion which Rebena will be participating in March.  It’s all a great cause and we are proud that our customers will be part of it.  Remember this valentine’s day that being an ethical consumer is being a lover of human rights.