Beach Boutique


Rebena recently read a fashion blog about Club Monaco’s annual “Beach Boutique”.  We read that it was beyond amazing – full of rich textures, with a big hints of edginess, all inspired by the bohemian spirit.

It’s been a long time since Rebena has stepped into a Club Monaco but I cannot tell you how super delighted we were when wandered inside.

This seasons theme felt very bohemian beach with a minimalist yet luxurious approach.


Although the luxury aspect has always been Club Monaco staples: cashmere and silks in muted tones or suede in tailored silhouettes.

Rebena’s visit felt so fresh with a heap of details that balanced itself perfectly between edgy and ’70s boho.



To put things simply, Club Monaco you’re killing it!

I can smell the salt water and feel the sunshine.  Take me to the beach already…


Sources: GlamHonestlyWTF, Club Monaco Beach Report

Fashion To Smile About


Rebena cannot even begin to explain how happy she is to see a smiling, healthy model.  Amber Valletta, kudos to you.  Your smile is freaking infectious.  (And we would have the same shit-eating grin if we had the opportunity to be in your shoes!)  Fashion is a huge business and sadly often appears incapable of taking itself lightly.  Rebena is a fashion cultist – she loves pretty clothes, mighty long catwalks and squeals when magazines are delivered at her doorstep.  Why is majority of the fashion folk not having any fun?  Whenever Rebena is a spectator at a runway show, everyone in the front row looks as if they have just gotten out of a miserable fight.  These gals are taking their harem pants and leather bandannas WAY TOO seriously.  We often wonder if this bitch-face plague is simply a side-effect of looking into the mirror too much…


Finally a glimmer of fun in the fashion world – brought to you by Italian retailer (or e-tailer) Yoox.  They have teamed up with environmentalist and super model Amber Valletta, who has curated a special corner named Master & Muse, available on the company’s website.  Don’t be turned off that Master & Muse is an ethical clothing line – it’s not not granola bars, flip-flops and trees – its pure fashion.  We’re talking brands that do things right like sustainable denim, organic-fiber sweaters and edgy, jumpsuits from zero-waste companies.  Rebena salutes you Amber Valletta for doing the right thing, taking socially responsibility more serious than yourself and always keeping a smile in your pocket.