Vintage Mixing Bowls


Cinderella Bowls – $145 USD – Retroburgh

Us Filthy gals love collecting things that we can actually use.  Since the kitchen is where we love spending a lot of our time, collecting kitchen housewares has become a natural fit.  Our kitchen is full of vintage pans, tools and gadgets.  Over the years we’ve been collecting a strange assortment of vintage goods from the kitchens of my family members, flea markets and thrift stores and Etsy.

Recently, we came across a mesmerizing video on chef Ross Sveback’s mixing bowl collection.  The video can be viewed below.


Sveback says he uses his bowls for decoration, mixing of ingredients and for serving foods.  His favorite vintage brands are Fire King, Fiesta ware, Texas-Ware, Pyrex and Yellow-ware.  He also loves the glass bowls from vintage mixers.


Anchor Ovenware Green Glass – $19.99 USD – CottonTopVintage

If you are interested in collecting mixing bowls, there is a brand called Mason Cash.  Mason Cash is an English company that been around for over 100 years.  They moved their manufacturing facility over to Portugal in the last decade – look for these work bowls stamped ‘Made in England’ on the bottom since they have become a rarity.


Rustic Mixing Bowls – $98.00 USD – Snapshot Vintage

Sveback goes on to say that he has found some unique mixing bowls sets at better kitchen stores and home décor retailers, where they are obviously new – yet interesting materials like bamboo, or imported from another part of the world such as France.  A current brand that he loves to collect is Emile Henry, a French brand that uses a Burgundy clay as the body – why this is of interest is because it makes it oven safe.

What do you think about using vintage kitchen supplies?  Do you have a favorite?  If so, let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you!

Source: EtsyMyFoxTwinCitiesRoss Sveback

Crack Me Up


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford addresses media at City Hall in this file photo from 2013.

The wonderful football-themed tie Rob Ford wore when he confessed to smoking crack cocaine sold Tuesday for $1,445 on eBay.

The vintage tie, first listed by the former Toronto mayor in February — features logos from NFL teams past and present.  According to information on eBay, the unidentified winner was the highest of 30 bids.  Ford could not be reached for comment.


Public Art – Kensington Market, Toronto

He wore the tie in November 2013 when he finally admitted to having used crack while in office.  On April 14, Ford relisted the item “due to fraudulent activity of the original winning bidder.”  “You are bidding on an original piece of memorabilia from former Toronto mayor and current Toronto councilor Rob Ford,” the eBay description states. “This is the original piece, not a reproduction — there is only one of these in existence.”  Ford offered a “signed, original certificate of authenticity” with the purchase.


Enough Said.

Source: Toronto Star