Crop Top Woes?

When you hear the phrase “crop top” are you instantly thinking that the only way you would be seen in one is if you had Gwen Stefani’s abs?  Get real and listen up dear readers – any body type can rock a crop top.  Sure, this is a tricky trend but as with any daring wardrobe choice, it takes a bit of perspective to translate how it can work for you.  Rebena is a firm believer that the slightly stomach-baring staple is for everyone. We repeat: EVERYONE.
This is a look that you could take from day to night while flattering a plus-sized shape.  The top has some structure, as the tailoring compliments and defines her curves.  The bottom hem of the top meets right at the waistline of her skirt, which offers a much bolder pattern but in a toned-down color. And, the killer, clashing heels just seal the deal.

Crop3Maybe not all crop tops belong in the board room, but we’ll argue that this ensemble is nothing short of boss. A high-waisted pant looks great on a woman with a tall frame and allows just a peek of skin to flash from beneath the top. For the crop-averse, the long, tailored vest helps cover up a bit, too.
Crop2If you prefer to be ladylike, this crop top makes the perfect accompaniment for a full, high-waisted skirt. Volume below is balanced with a boxy but fitted shape up top.  So stop worrying so much about the shrunken shirt!  Its amazing on different types of bodies but also versatile enough to fit into our incredibly diverse personal styles.  Filthy Rebena’s shop has this trend covered with a huge selection of crop tops in store.  Source: Refinery29

Cropped Styles


Well Rebena’s vintage crop top collection has been unpacked, washed, steamed, photographed, curated and *drumroll* added to the shop.  p1All of these tops date from the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s.  The majority of the cropped tops and blouses are made from 100% cotton for maximum breathability.  These beauts will have you dressed in a knick of time with their pullover styles.  Pair them with high waisted skinnies and flats for an easy-breezy look.  Since the weather isn’t agreeing with us just quite yet – these tops will tolerate chilly weather when paired with slip on boots and a long cardigan.  All cropped tops are $18.00 USD.