1computeTechnology updates are inevitable these days.  Even in the business of Vintage.  And even though we like to kick it old-school, we know we gotta keep it tech-savvy as well.  Savvy, the term that when I was a child reminded me of a dirty pirate now brings me dreaming of Bill Gates and his goofy glasses.  2 computeFilthy Rebena’s website may sometimes remind you of a dirty pirate or have you geeking out like Bill Gates. We like to bestow both vibes and many other good ones as well on here. We are so happy that Skyy Stratosphere (our personal Bill) has helped us out and updated our old school website to this fresh new web space. Thank-you Skyy for keeping us up with the rat race of technology!  We always love to get feedback from our dear readers!  Please do peruse the site and let us know your thoughts! Savvy?  Just in-case you want to use it in your vocab today:

Slang definitions & phrases for savvy


:a very savvy lady

Comprehension;intelligence;brains,smarts:He’s a guy with much savvy

To understand;know;grasp: I’m the honcho here, savvy?

[fr West Indian pidgin fr Spanish sabe usted, ”do you know?”; modern useinfluenced by French savez, ”you know”]

**Maybe I love the word so much because it comes from my West Indian Roots
3 compute

Upcyclin’ Inmates

When it comes to sustainable clothing, Eastern European prisons are hardly the first to come to mind.  But that assumption has been proven wrong by Heavy Eco, an eco-conscious and socially progressive fashion label that sells products designed and made by inmates in Estonian prisons.

Bags, iPad and computer sleeves and wallets are made from discarded billboards; t-shirts and underwear are made from organic cotton from India.

Heavy Eco argues that social injustice and childhood difficulties are what led many of the involved inmates to prison in the first place. It donates 50% of its profits to “homeless and orphanage children,” though it does not mention any specific charity or organization.

As far as the inmates are concerned, Heavy Eco explains that they make the minimum wage (an EU regulation). Designing and making original clothing is an outlet for creativity and teaches job skills. At the very least, it’s a way to kill time. The project was co-financed by the European Social Fund, the EU’s employment support arm.