Summer Hours

If you haven’t heard the news already, Filthy’s hours of operation have changed as of May 1, 2017.
Summer Hours London Ontario

In addition to changing our hours, the sales floor is stocked with fresh vintage Summer stock.  Think colorful men’s and women’s bathing suits, bags, hats and sandals.  Among the colorful Summer items, you’ll find your staple pieces too – denim shorts, tank tops, a great selection of vintage t-shirts and breezy rayon dresses.  We also have a small section of bright housewares to make cocktail parties and summer entertaining even more merry.

Hope to catch you at Filthy during our new hours!  If you didn’t know, we are located at 177 Dundas Street, London Ontario, N6A 1G4.  Looking forward to another great Summer with you London!

Factory Girl

84f5895b-83ae-41b1-b69d-4d8f4b56a392Waiting for a girl and she gets me into fights
Waiting for a girl we get drunk on Friday night
bb57556f-dbbd-46da-bb83-acb185226b45She’s a sight for sore eyes
Waiting for a factory girl

8cad0dc5-444d-4bde-b253-d663a9915a9bWaiting for a girl and she’s got stains all down her dress
Waiting for a girl and my feet are getting wet
38606330-c654-4aba-a491-6e9047955c42She ain’t come out yet
Waiting for a factory girl

bae4f34d-358c-44b8-a4f7-1256851af476Photographer Stylist Model ~

Filthy ♥ Lovers


If roses were red and violets could be blue,
I’d take us away to a place just for two.

We’d move to a fortress where we’d run and play.
You’d be mine and I’d be yours ’til our dying day.


With Filthy Rebena you’ll always be covered,
’cause vintage clothing is made for lovers.

♥  Female Model || Male Model || Stylist & Photography  ♥


New sustainable fashion initiative ShareWear encourages you to share clothes instead of buying new ones.


In 2016 you can do pretty much anything via your Smartphone.  Today comes the news of a recently launched initiative that encourages you to swap your wardrobe contents via Instagram.  The scheme is called ShareWear and part of a sustainable fashion initiative created by VisitSweden and the Swedish Institute.

According to their website they were compelled to create the project as a response to the waste crisis.  “Million tons of textiles are thrown away each year. But instead of tossing your clothes once you’re over them, you could give your ex-clothes the chance to fall in love with someone new,” the website explains.


By launching ShareWear they hope to both raise awareness of sustainable fashion as well as creating a unique solution to this ever-growing problem.

So how does it work? It’s pretty simple really. Items in the ShareWear collection are uploaded onto their Instagram feed, and the first user to comment will then be able to borrow the piece for a week. This person will then share an image of this piece with the ‘#sharewear’ hashtag making the piece again available to be borrowed. The idea is that a continuous chain of borrowing will then occur.

For ShareWear’s first collection of shareable fashion they have collaborated with a number of Sweden’s most prominent fashions brands including Filippa K, House of Dagmar and Weekday.


It’s not just these items that are available for sharing though. ShareWear are encouraging everyone to contribute to the ShareWear movement.

To share items in your own wardrobe simply post a picture of the piece you wish to lend with the ‘#sharewear’ hashtag and your location, and then just wait for your friends to start fighting over your stuff.