Sexy Savages

Earth tones, suede and high laced boots are more than just a bohemian throwback.  They are essential pieces for a night on the prowl.
123456789We are loving this wild photograph that was featured in American Vogue.  British model Cara Delevingne is modelling alongside a grizzly bear.  C
ara is looking like a mod, sexy savage while wearing Balenciaga’s pumpkin suede shift dress.

Bob Mazzer

Bob-Mazzer-Tube-9 (1)In the 1970s and ’80s, British photographer Bob Mazzer was a regular commuter on the London Underground — or the Tube, as Londoners call it — carrying his camera with him regularly.
Bob-Mazzer-Tube-16The photos offer visions of a rowdier time, one filled with plenty of “late-night shenanigans”.  He began taking the pictures in the late ’70s, when the Sex Pistols and punk were rising, alongside Margaret Thatcher. Some of his pictures capture the raucous spirit — and the fashion — of those times, while others show quieter, candid moments. We’ve chosen our 3 favorites.Bob-Mazzer-Tube-5

Happy Birthday David Bowie


Bowie2David Bowie is a man of fashion, history, visions and of surprise.  We were surprised today, on his 66th birthday, that he released a brand new song titled “Where Are We Now?”  If that wasn’t enough excitement for you to hold onto your socks, he announced that there would be a new album too. The Next Day – his 30th album will be released on March 8.  What better way for us to celebrate his birthday?