Sexy Savages

Earth tones, suede and high laced boots are more than just a bohemian throwback.  They are essential pieces for a night on the prowl.
123456789We are loving this wild photograph that was featured in American Vogue.  British model Cara Delevingne is modelling alongside a grizzly bear.  C
ara is looking like a mod, sexy savage while wearing Balenciaga’s pumpkin suede shift dress.

Myrtle Snow

mryIn honor of Myrtle Snow.  Her love of fashion is even more defined when she is sentenced to burn at the stake following the murder of her fellow council members, where she walks to the stake, black umbrella in hand, wearing a long, flowing red dress with matching gloves and heels as well as a pair of sunglasses.  As she is asked for final words, she screams out “Balenciaga“, while wearing the same.  You’ll always be my favorite witch.