Inspiration: Tziporah Salamon

Filthy Rebena is fascinated and inspired by the myriad mature women who continue to be celebrated for their diverse beauties and talents.  Tziporah Salamon recently graciously shared her unique fashion perspectives on what it means to feel beautiful.  Tziporah Salamon says age does in fact matter in the fashion industry.  As far as we can tell, things have only gotten better for this consultant-turned-stylist-turned-teacher-turned-Lanvin-model.  On a rainy spring day, a little Q & A will bring you some sunshine from one of the most creative, daring, and unapologetic woman in the fashion industry.

1In your professional career you’ve done a bit of everything — styling, consulting, modeling, buying — which has been your favorite?
“Styling and consulting are what I love doing and what I’m best at.  I love playing with clothes and making things pretty. I love finding the different components that make a perfect outfit.  I love the process of putting everything together so that the final result is a work of art.” 2

Does anything in fashion shock you anymore? If so, what? If not, when’s the last time a designer has surprised you?
“What shocks me is the price of designer clothes. It is so out of control. Really absurd and quite offensive. And so uncalled for.” 3

What do you wish would change about the fashion industry?
“I wish people who work in fashion would be friendlier and kinder to others.”


Your aesthetic is so elevated, so unique — is there anyone or any place that you continue to look to for inspiration?
“Always art – Persian miniatures, Matisse, nature, old synagogues, old movies.”

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