Denim Flare

We spend a lot of time thinking about our denim.  Beyond just the perfect boyfriend fit or scoring a great pair of 501’s, there’s a lot to be said for making your blues… you.  We’ve nursed a longtime love affair with patches, whether new or deadstock, which has only been exacerbated since the advent of Instagram.

patches-F-2 We’ve been loving these seven – all of them for less than the cost of your Netflix subscription.  Stitch one on a jacket or go full-throttle with a bunch. Meet your new summer staple.

Mean Folk “Nice” patch, $5 | Spellcaster “Out of This World” patch, $5 Inner Decay “R.I.P. Feelings” patch, $6 World Famous Original “Whatever” patch, $50 Sick Girls Official “Bad Luck Babe” patch, $6 Rosehound Apparel Heathers patch, $6 Ball & Chain Co. “Life is a Gamble” patch, $6


You Can Buy My Love

Love Token Bracelet from Yourgreatfinds

Victorian Love Token Bracelet from Yourgreatfinds

Modern world, meet the most romantic accessory, the “love token.”  Love tokens are coins where one side (or sometimes both sides) has been smoothed down and engraved with initials, names, phrases and/or scenes. These were often given to young ladies as “tokens of love” by suitors.  In the late 18th and 19th centuries, love tokens were common. Coins personalized for a sweetheart were given as an expression of love and often as a proposal of marriage.


Love Token Coin Pendant from LexiandGem

We recently discovered these tokens and have been swept away by their romance.  A by gone era, a love shared between two people, a precious gift that has stood the test of time.  Looking for that special vintage gift – I think you’ve found it!

Palm Cuffs and Handlets


Palm Bracelet –FishboneDesignGR – $32.55

Whether it be a cluster of bangles or just a minimal band – we love adorning our hands.  But, we’d be missing out if we failed to bring the palm cuff into the picture.  Call it what you want — hand cuff, hand bracelet, handlet, palm cuff, hand band — this accessory is the missing statement piece your outfit needs.


Gold-Plated & Crystal Palm Cuff – Fallon – $175

Much like the midi-ring, it fits a part of the body we may not typically put a piece of metal around. Which begs the question:  Is this pretty piece of jewelry is as practical as we’d like? Would you want to have a band hugging your palm all day long?  Hesitation aside we must admit that a simple gold band in an unexpected place sure does look rad.  The styles for 2014 may be incentive enough to add the palm cuff into our arsenal of accessories.  We’ll see if this bauble could be the next midi-ring.

Sterling Silver Hand Cuff - hoopsandbell - Etsy $107.45

Sterling Silver Hand Cuff – hoopsandbell – $107.45

Scrunchies of Instagram

The moment Rebena found Scrunchies of Instagram, she was hypnotized.  It turns out the kinda, sorta, maybe cool again scrunchie is an accessory of glory… for forever. 


The modern Chanel Ad of Pebbles Flintstone brings a chuckle.  It’s so amazing!  Head over to Scrunchies of Instagram to check out old and new scrunchie moments will prove that everybody can (or should) scrunch!