Disney Heels

You probably already know that Cinderella wore glass slippers to that big dance, but what kind of footwear were the other Disney ladies rocking? Artists Griz and Norm Lemay set out to answer that question with these high fashion-inspired illustrations posted on their Instagram page. These shoes are are to die for, and they must be magic too, because you never hear of a princess complaining to her mice friends about bunions. Hmmm, they were always passing out though. Maybe it was from pain?

Belle is the belle of the ball in these golden beauties.

Alice doesn’t need to be on hallucinogens to smile back at her Cheshire Cat Mary Janes.

Snow White doesn’t feel “Grumpy” about these peep-toe pumps.

Rapunzel probably could’ve gotten out of that tower sooner if it weren’t for these sky high Jimmy Choo’s.

The best part of Sleeping Beauty is when she dances in her color-changing gown, and not the part where a stranger violates her while she’s passed out.

It’s not just the princesses who get the royal footwear treatment. The villains we love to hate have their own gorgeous creations, as well. What’d ya think they’d be wearing? Dr. Scholls? Witch, please. Maleficent’s thorn sandals look like they’d give serious blisters. Maybe that’s why she’s so cranky! Mirror, mirror on the wall, get a load of these shoes will ya?

AND the one shoe you didn’t see comin’… Ursula shoved her big ole tentacle into this ocean-inspired high heel. Classic Sea Witch not giving af about her cankles.

Talented artists Griz and Norm are a husband and wife duo that both work at Disney and create fun fan-art in their free time. Check out their full Instagram here.

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Modern Marble


Oei Ceramics – Marbled Earrings – $87.00 USD

We’re calling it: the marble trend isn’t going anywhere. Inspired by its classic versatility, we’re taking a closer look and discovering marble as muse.


Duende Leather – Marbled Clutch – $95.00 USD

First becoming a popular fashion trend on the runways in 2014, marble has now found its way into the mainstream.


NannersNerman – Marbled Paper Stationery – $9.00 USD

What originally started as a design concept that was best suited for larger furniture pieces made from the actual stone, it has now become a widely used pattern found in clothing, necklaces, and home accessories.


Overcase Shop – Marble iPhone 6 case – $16.00 USD

Since it was first used by Greek and Roman sculptors thousands of years ago, marble has endured, and while our Roman ancestors may not have anticipated the popularity of marble iPhone cases (they totally would have used them, though), the timelessness of marble makes it not very surprising that it’s gotten a new breath of life in year 2015.


TyreDyes – Pastel Marble Dye Top – $39.00 USD

By the year 2016, we wouldn’t be surprised to see people rocking marble from head to toe.

Source: UOOei CeramicTyreDyesOvercase ShopDuende LeatherNannersNerman

Toasts & Reflections

The ball has dropped.  The confetti has been cleared.  Normcore and monocles are officially so last year.  It’s 2015 — the beginning of a whole new year in the wonderful world of fashion and Filthy Rebena.  What’s in store? Three hundred sixty-five days from now, we’ll have answers.  For now, we have gifted ourselves space and freedom to reflect on the past twelve months.  We are just gonna free-style blog here with Filthy’s highlighted reflections of 2014.

Plus Size

Bone Knit Top – 2X – $24.00 USD

To be honest, it has been an exciting year in terms of growth.  We were able to grow the business as fast as we wanted.  In 2014 we began diversifying our garments which broadened our target audience.  We started dabbling in menswear and successfully opened the doors to a plus-size market.  Diversifying has proved to be an excellent growth strategy as it allowed us to generate income that fills seasonal voids – a big first for us that we are very proud of!

Peggy Jean - Blogging since 2010

Peggy Jean – Fashion Blogging since 2010

If you’re looking for plus-size inspiration check out these A+fricken-mazing style bloggers like Curvy Girl Chick.  Peggy Jean from OnTheQTrain!  It brings a smile to our filthy faces when we imagine Peggy Jean strutting her colorful clothes in a monochromatic world.  Know that the average American woman is 5’4″, has a waist size of 34-35 inches and weighs between 140-150 lbs, with a dress size of 12-14.  Live your life and love the body you’re in.  *Insert “All About That Bass” here*  It’s catchy enough to carry over into 2015, right?

Studio & Skirts - Thanks  Jamie, Kristian, Maadoodah & Poppa Bear for making this a reality

Studio & Skirts – Thanks Skyy, Kristian, Maadoodah & Poppa Bear for making this a reality.

Rebena was smittened with excitement in 2014.  We sold product to a celebrity, wrote a business plan, built a whole new space, created fresh marketing, became guest-writers and hired esteemed model Skyy Stratosphere to showcase our menswear.  But 2014 wasn’t all a cake-walk for Filthy.  We approached a handful of vintage giants to sell product on a consignment basis but were turned down every time.  Filthy will be re-visiting knocking on doors this year.  This time not to handfuls – but bucket loads.  We know all too well that nothing great ever comes that easy.


Now & Then. Then & Now.

Goals?  Ringing in intentional efforts by dusting off the business plan and reviewing it weekly.  2014 was a great year because of the Business Plan.  It has given us a crystal clear direction on how to move forward.  It needs to be revisited and revised monthly as it is a living document.  It changes it’s song as Filthy develops.  It’s so cool and it would be a shame to miss out on a healthy business habit.  Filthy Rebena’s infamous “Vintage Movie Club” has sadly taken the back burner.  Although we do try to watch a vintage movie weekly, it’s a definite improvement area for our social media.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

Our personal resolution is to focus on creativity.  Creativity is the best motivator.  It keeps us interested, it brings hope to ideas and gives the possibility of more achievements to look forward to in 2015.  Feel more than free to share your thoughts or your highlights.  Happy 2015 ya Filthy animals.

Drinking Beer N' Raising Hell

Drinking Beer N’ Raising Hell

Love Lock

Chain-Door-Lock-Necklace-3The Tiffany’s heart-lock necklace might have been on every girl’s wish list a decade ago but this time around, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Coach and more have made the padlock the charm of choice to hang around your neck.

JaneRoseDesigns - Heart Padlock Necklace - $150.00

JaneRoseDesigns – Heart Padlock Necklace – $150.00

We are loving this big thick chain and a hefty heart-shaped lock from local Etsy Shop, JaneRoseDesigns.


Michael Kors Padlock Necklace – $175.00

We can’t help but think this pretty bling is going to be as big as pearls were in 2014.

Us filthy gals were getting excited seeing this unmistakably trendy look on the runways – but not too thrilled with the high prices.  Armed with the love a creative challenge, we stumbled across the talented Kirsten Nunez’s DIY Rodarte Padlock Necklace on her website, Studs and Pearls.  Our New Year’s resolution is to focus on nurturing our creativity and this DIY will be a lovely way to kick off January 2015.

Let us know in the comments below if you will be sporting gritty homage to Tiffany’s refined lock, if you’ll join us in a DIY or if you will simply use your trendy accessories as a love lock that couples are placing on bridges around the world.  However you sport the padlock necklace, it will certainly be high-impact finish on an outfit.