Union Bugs

When shopping for clothing, be sure to always check for a union label. Garments sporting this insignia advertise that the employees who produce a product are represented by a labor union. A union label is often referred to as a “union bug” because of its small, insect-like appearance. In the garment industry, the union bug ensures that workers are skilled, trained and treated fairly by their employers.

Garment manufacturing, like other industrial processes, can be hazardous work. Needlework can pose safety issues like cuts and punctures. To protect workers, sharp tools are inspected daily to make sure they are in good repair and prevent equipment related accidents that can be caused by faulty or broken tools. Textile workers are exposed to repetitive motions throughout their working day. A labor union warrants textile workers to rotate tasks, provides them with ergonomic work spaces and short breaks to stretch muscles to prevent cramping. Dyes, enzymes, solvents, and other chemicals are used to create different fabric finishes and durability. To protect employees working with chemicals, unions provide them with respiratory protection and also are responsible for complying with ventilation regulations and laws.

In addition to fulfilling safety laws, all textile workers are trained in health and safety through routine classes. Not only does a union guarantee healthy working conditions, but it is obligated to pay fair wages and protect basic civil liberties. Employees are able to speak out and bargain collectively.

Buying union made is being a smart and sexy consumer. You will be providing your government with extra revenue, supporting fair wages and feel good that your garment was crafted in a safe and professional environment. Nothing is more fashion forward than legitimate clean clothing.

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