Welcome to the Sunshine Scene

Enjoy the Spring sunshine in our ethnic trapeze style dresses. We carry clothing that uses skilled dying and embroidery techniques. Thank you for stopping by! Check back often for your fix of stylish sway, bohemian bliss and good vibes.

Our Dresses

The majority of our garments were made between 1970 and 1995 in the magical nation of India. Each dress is a handcrafted, wearable work of art. No dress is exactly the same and variety is an intended part of each item's beauty. Each dress features a unique detail such as ancient dying and skilled embroidery techniques. These dresses look and feel incredible. You will feel like a goddess once you slip one of our dresses!

Where to Wear

Our dresses have been designed for the stylish earth mamas out there! Our dresses are constructed from lightweight, breathable materials that always keep comfort in mind. The stylish sway of a our silhouettes are perfect for dancing at your favorite music festivals, frolicking in the sunshine or as an excellent sand to sidewalk swimsuit cover-up. During the chilly seasons, our dresses layer well with cardigans, tights and booties.


The majority of our dresses are made from Rayon which comes from a woody bamboo-type of bush that is farmed and grows quickly without pesticides and fertilizers. Rayon is a very earth friendly, renewable resource. No rain forests or other forests are being cut down to produce rayon as folks sometimes think. Rayon is more delicate than cotton, especially when wet. We recommend hand washing and line drying rayon items.