Natalie Bradshaw is a fashion gypsy.  Some people say she is crazy, some think she is a genius.. I c

Natalie Bradshaw is a fashion gypsy.  Some people say she is crazy, some think she is a genius.. I can be certain of one thing:  Miss Bradshaw never keeps eccentricity at a minimum.  To her, dressing down is a crime against humanity.  Below are my thoughts, what I imagine would be – a fashion day in the life of Natalie Bradshaw:

9:00 AM:  She wakes up in her bedroom – which looks like a hectic marketplace.  Itchy camel throws are covering her bed.  Since every inch of her is looking bedraggled from a wild night, she embraces it.  Our little gypsy tosses on armfuls of Morrocan bracelets, a leopard-print chiffon mini-caftan and some denim hot pants.  She knots up a ethnic pashmina and spritzs herself with a blend of exotic smelling perfumes.  She is off for a stroll in High Park.  

12:00 PM:  Lunch.  Our angry rebel is having a pint with an enigmatic musician friend.  Although her musician friend is handsome, Natalie is only dressed for herself.  They talk about Buddha’s teachings while Natalie cuffs up her silk Balenciaga shorts to show off her stylish pocket bags.  Opaque black tights and black knee-high boots. She gulps down the rest of her pint, finishes up her thoughts on Voltaire and polishes the big buttons on her fitted military coat. 

9:00 PM:  The sun is setting and Natalie is the leading patroness of la mode at a photography gallery viewing.  Although she is wearing a vintage Geoffery Beens dress she cannot stop thinking about the frothy fashion Oscar coverage she may be missing.  She whisks her mink shawl from coat check, puts on her blue tinted sunglasses and skips her socialite heels to the closest airing of the Oscars.  

This is Natalie.  A gal that bounces effortless through fashion.  She is Stevie Nicks.  She is Tilda Swinton.  She is Kate Moss, Miss Piggy and Amy Fine Collins.  If there is one thing we can all learn from this doe-eyed gypsy, it is to indulge yourself in eccentric glamour.

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