Poncho Pro

WrapmeupCall it Baja California dreaming but Rebena’s gals have been trying to bring back the poncho for quite some time.  One of the biggest trends we’ve been seeing and loving from pre-Fall is the *drum roll* poncho trend.  Below is a small collection of some of our favorite street styles we’ve been seeing around the web.cuteponchoWe cannot gush enough.  Grab your blankets, ponchos, capes, cloaks… tomato, tomato you know.  Blanket-inspired-coats and overcoats are here to stay for a while (we hope) and really make a great no-fuss transitional piece.
Street Style

Loving this lass keeping it classic with a white blouse and dark-wash jeans.
tumberAdore how luxuriously detailed this blanket jacket looks.  Details like rich-looking rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, a pair of posh sunglasses, sexy shoes, or over-the-knee boots help bring balance to the knit.
Poncho ColorAztec prints, bohemian, a fuss-free, cozy style of the poncho with the exact opposite bring an overall sophisticated style.
Crazy2Love the slouchy style too – quite liberating in a world of the overly sexed up woman image.
Crazy1jThis time of the year is the best to experiment as you are about to put away your winter jacket for the season.  Ponchos will keep you warm and will totally look more elegant than your down-filled jacket.  Will you be a poncho pro this mid-season?
PolishedProSource: The Fashion Tag

You Can Buy My Love

Love Token Bracelet from Yourgreatfinds

Victorian Love Token Bracelet from Yourgreatfinds

Modern world, meet the most romantic accessory, the “love token.”  Love tokens are coins where one side (or sometimes both sides) has been smoothed down and engraved with initials, names, phrases and/or scenes. These were often given to young ladies as “tokens of love” by suitors.  In the late 18th and 19th centuries, love tokens were common. Coins personalized for a sweetheart were given as an expression of love and often as a proposal of marriage.


Love Token Coin Pendant from LexiandGem

We recently discovered these tokens and have been swept away by their romance.  A by gone era, a love shared between two people, a precious gift that has stood the test of time.  Looking for that special vintage gift – I think you’ve found it!

What A Gem!

This Wear it Wednesday the heat has Rebena saying hello to unexpected details and statement accessories. This week, it’s all about the drop earrings.
ErdemIf Rebena could only get her paws onto these Erdem Double Drop Earrings – they might just give her the confidence to rule the World.  Wear drop earrings with an up-do and bare neckline like the lady above – this is a great way to showcase your favorite glittering gems.
uhuhThese whimsical beauties are a “drop stud” style, created by Lulu Frost.  These earrings feature crystal lips and eyes that create a unique pair of asymmetrical earrings inspired by surrealist paintings from the 1920’s.
SparkleIf you aren’t into serious sparkle, check out semi-precious gemstones like these turquoise drop earrings from La Malu Boutique.  They are a step up from the seriousness associated with simple studs and do not overwhelm an outfit.  Will you be wearing any trendy ear candy this season?  Let Rebena know what you’ll be putting on your ears in the comments below.  If you are looking for good, quality thrifted earrings and jewerly, check out Rebena’s shop.

Ugly Shoe Trend

4Welcome to the premier of “Wear It Wednesday” where we explore how to style garments that make us go “Hmmm“.  This week we focus on the “ugly” shoe trend that has been infesting the wonderful world of fashion.  The revival of the thick-soled, chunky leather-strapped beast is really happening folks.  The ugly shoe trend is not the most flattering silhouette for a shoe and some say its a symbol of not caring – but we cannot argue with the fact that being comfortable is sexy.  So let’s frumpify some feet and make this uncomely shoe look stylish.
Street Style

Tip #1: If you’re going to try this trend yourself know the experts say that pedicured feet are paramount to making sure the look is more stylish and less slovenly.  Perhaps the pretty pedicure is what will set you aside from the hippies, grandmothers and kayakers.

2Tip #2:  As you can imagine, a chunky sandal doesn’t exactly work the same leg-lengthening magic as a heel.  A dress that shows some skin or gives a semblance of your figure is ideal, as it balances the anti-allure of the sandal.
Tip #3:  Statement accessories will take some of pressure off those bold sandals.  Funky sunglasses, heavy jewelry or over-sized handbags will add more to an outfit than just a funky pair of shoes.

So will you be trading in your high-heeled gladiators for the ugly shoe trend this summer?  Let us know in the comments below!

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