The Best Vintage Stores In London, Ontario

The Best Vintage Shops In LondThe Best Vintage Stores In London, Ontario

London, Ontario’s vintage scene has a lot to offer. Whether you’re looking for one-of-a-kind finds or cheap prices, the city has exactly what you’re looking for. Read on for a list of the vintage stores in London that you can check out:

Blue Pepper Vintage The Best Vintage Stores In London, Ontario Blue Pepper Vintage
Address: 187 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1G4
If you’re looking for quality vintage clothing from the 1920’s to the mid 1980’s then this vintage store is for you. Established in 2012, Blue Pepper Vintage is located in the heart of Downtown London. You will find men’s and women’s vintage clothing, retro handmade designs as well as funky knick knacks. The amazing owner, Amber, is dedicated to helping you find the perfect pieces for your style. She will provide you with honest advice and tell you if something just isn’t working for you and is always eager to help you find something that does.

Logo of the Sentimentalist The Best Vintage Stores In London, Ontario The Sentimentalist
Address: 1034 Dundas St, London, ON N5W 3A5
The Sentimentalist is the coolest store in the London neighbourhood of Old East Village. It offers a mix of antiques, kitsch, vintage clothing and collectibles with an emphasis on midcentury modern – 1930 to 1965. You will find it hard to leave without buying something. The charm of this shop is accented by the owner, Melinda, who is a quirky individual you can make friends with right away.

Logo of Filthy Rebena Vintage The Best Vintage Stores In London, Ontario Filthy Rebena Vintage
Address: 177 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1G4
You will find this charming boutique steps away from the corner of Richmond and Dundas Street in Downtown London. They offer men’s and women’s vintage clothing, accessories, footwear, and housewares, as well as locally made items like soap and jewelry. The owners, Natalie and Darlene, are all about sustainability.  All the products for sale are sustainable, meaning a purchase from Filthy supports ecological integrity, the local economy while being fashionable at the same time!  There is also Coffee Club on Sundays and where you can swing by the store for free Filthy Blend coffee and snacks while you shop.

These are the best vintage stores in London, Ontario.  Feel like we missed your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!


Summer’s Around The Corner Flash Sale 

It’s getting hot in London, Ontario and our favourite season Summer is around the corner. But that’s not the only exciting thing that’s going on: this weekend, June 17th, Filthy Rebena Vintage will be having an amazing flash sale!!! Get ready for:
・50% off all vintage
・50% off all used items 
・50% off all sunglasses 
And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we are also announcing a store expansion. Now you’ll be able to shop for even more fresh summer stock.
See you on Saturday, London!
P.S. There’s also going to be birthday treats (happy birthday Nat!) and cold brew.

Summer’s Around The Corner Flash Sale Details

Filthy Rebena Vintage
177 Dundas St., London, Ontario N6A 1G4
June 17th, 2017
11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sunshine Scene

sunshine-shineAfter much anticipation, the Sunshine Scene has landed!  The Sunshine Scene is a continuation of Filthy Rebena in a “happy hippie” formula.  The shop is filled with vintage trapeze dresses that will cover you in ethnic embroideries, brilliant tie dye patterns and beautifully billowing fabrics.  Sunshine Scene also carries a small selection of hand-crafted jewelry that uses semi-precious gemstones.

Flavor Sunshine Scene Resort Woodland Dresses Rustic Mississauga Toronto

Flavors of the Sunshine Scene

If you’re looking a fix of stylish sway, bohemian bliss and good vibes – you won’t wanna miss slipping into the Sunshine Scene!  ♥

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Flora Sportswear


As part of a recent series of embroideries, artist James Merry softened the bold logos of sportswear companies by adding stitched flora to vintage clothing. For instance a glacier flower and moss grow from an old Nike sweatshirt, and a FILA logo is topped by a mushroom cap.

Merry is a longtime collaborator with Björk and creates many of her extravagant costumes for stage and music videos, and you can read a recent interview with him over on i-D. (via Quipsologies, Booooooom) logo-3

What do you think of these stitched up sportswear garments?  Let us know in the comments below!