SCAB – 2015


Scabs are not always a bad thing, a scab is the start of something fresh. Come by 175 Dundas Street to check out Filthy Rebena’s new space on New Years Eve.  Kick of 2015 with dancing, local artists, DJ JackFlash and a preview of Filthy’s beautiful new adventure.  For more information, e-mail the event coordinator Natalie at or count down with us on Instagram.

Petrichor Protection

rain2The rain won’t stop but we’ve got nowhere to go.

We curl up in the window with a cup of


tea or coffee or a glass of something stronger

and stare at the passing gloom.


The tempo begins to caress our thoughts

whispering to our bodies to hush and hibernate

until the scent of petrichor

Rain11energizes our souls.

Winding Down

Ah, Summer is winding down so be sure to take in the sights and smells in while the sun is still shining.  Today we are spending the day floating in the middle of Lake Ontario. WaterFloating on our backs, watching the clouds passing by overhead.  Lazy smirks on our faces, feeling the fish swishing by.  Here’s a good rustic tune for dippin’ your toes in the lake.   
Keep on floating kittens…