Ancient Stepwells

Stepwell India

I recently stumbled upon an article filled with gorgeous photographs of ancient stepwells.  I’m so overwhelmed with these spectacular stepwells that I had to share here on Filthy’s blog.
Stepwell India

A stepwell is exactly what it sounds like: steps down to a well. The earliest stepwells date back to about 600 AD and were developed in India as a way to access water dry during the dry months.

Stepwell India

Many of these functional structures were commissioned by wealthy or powerful philanthropists (nearly a fourth of whom were said to be women) as spiritual, earthbound bastions built to last for an eternity.

Stepwell Indian

How stunning are these pieces of forgotten architecture and art?
victorialautman6-640x893Could you imagine carrying a buckets of water up all those stairs?
Stepwell IndiaFor more information on India’s forgotten stepwells, check out the sources:  WikiThis Is Colossal & Honestly WTF

Louboutin Lessons

The Paris-born stiletto master took a moment to give the world three stylish lessons on fashion and beauty.

1. Trends aren’t necessarily on trend.
Every fall the 12-pound fashion mags hit the shelves, each declaring a different list of styles to be the looks of the season. Boyfriend jeans! Velvet everything! So what does Louboutin have to say about fall trends? He appreciates the concept of individuality more than anything.

“You have the trend, then you have the opposite of the same trend, and so it goes from one thing to the other,” he says. “I think that people can just do whatever they want. You just have to go in the direction of it fits you and it looks good on you.”

Ο_Christian_Louboutin_εμπνέεται_από_τις_κούκλες-22. There is one thing in particular you should never wear.
If following trends is futile, is there such a thing as a fashion faux pas? Louboutin considers the question before unleashing on a specific type of footwear.

“I don’t like clogs. I really do not like clogs. I just don’t like the sound of it, and it doesn’t give you a nice way to walk,” he says, before adding flattering, sexy, and beautiful to the list of things that clogs are definitely not. Louboutin instead recommends his collection of nude shoes to enhance a feminine silhouette and embellished pumps for a more festive feel.

christian-louboutin-new-nudes-heel-collection3. Go nude down there.
The Christian Louboutin empire also encompasses a beauty line with lipsticks and nail polishes packaged in tubes and bottles that mimic the spike of his stilettos. When it comes to color choices, Louboutin explains, it may have more to do with your locale. For example, go for classic red when flying to Paris, “but if you go to Florida, the light is so different, you may go on the pink side.”

In his years of styling high-fashion tootsies, Louboutin has learned a thing or two about pedicure polish. “If you add a strong color, the toenail looks even smaller, so use a natural color, the skin color, to elongate the nail,” he says.

Source: Dallas Culture Map

Poem Hunter

Check out this beautiful editorial from Vogue Australia – November 2015.  We cannot get enough of the dreamy bohemian lusciousness, rich textures and and Portuguese tiles and streets.



Publication: Vogue Australia November 2015 | Model: Sabrina Ioffreda | Photographer: Will Davidson | Fashion Editor: Jillian Davison
Hair: Panos Papandrianos | Make-up: Georgi Sandev