Rosehound Apparel

Filthy Rebena is stoked to be carrying Rosehound Apparel.  Rosehound Apparel is a Toronto flair company where the love of flowers and the 90’s run deep.  Rosehound is a Filthy favorite and you’ll find some of it available in our London shop for purchase.  Below are some of the examples of pins and patches we are currently carrying.

Rose2Sorry, I’m not sorry – for the forever unapologetic.


Need a bold statement to leave behind when you exit a room? Look no further, for we have the perfect vintage-inspired patches to put on the back of your denim jackets and shorts!


Near, far, wherever you are…carry nineties heartthrob young Leo on you with this charming enamel pin.  🙂  To see the rest of Filthy’s Rosehound collection, stop on into the shop!  You won’t be disappointed!

Sea Change

fishnet collection and recycling program developed and run by Bureo

Fishnet collection and recycling program developed and run by Bureo

Designed in collaboration with Karun, an eyewear company based in Chile, all three styles in the “Ocean Collection” comprise 100 percent traceable and recycled nylon from nets collected via Net Positiva, a first-of-its-kind fishnet collection and recycling program developed and run by Bureo’s own team.

Bureo Sunglasses Ocean

Ocean Collection $139

“For every pair of glasses purchased, Bureo will be able to further expand this community-based fishnet collection and recycling program, while generating funds for programs that empower coastal communities most affected by plastic pollution,” the company said.

Ocean Collection $139 sunglasses london toronto filthy rebena

Ocean Collection $139

But the collection’s unique composition has other benefits, too, according to the firm. Compared with virgin-plastic eyeglasses, Bureo’s recycled frames generate roughly 70 percent fewer greenhouse-gas emissions, thanks in part to a mechanical processing technique that uses no chemicals and minimal water to melt the nets into pellets.

Bureo Sunglasses Vintage Modern Shades

Ocean Collection $139

“This greatly differs from a ‘chemical recycling process’ which not only creates a waste byproduct but also requires heavy chemicals and water to break down the nets and return them to a form of nylon which can be made into thread for soft goods like clothing, swimwear and shoes,” Bureo said.

Ocean Collection $139Priced at $139 apiece, the sunglasses are available for sale online at, as well as at Pilgrim Surf + Supply in Brooklyn, Sawyer Land & Sea Supply in Santa Cruz, Calif., and Patagonia stores worldwide.

Ocean Collection $139

Ocean Collection $139

Garden Party


Air Plant with Terrarium – $15.00

Filthy Rebena is excited to announce that we just started carrying Air Plants & Succulents from local London seller, Garden Party!  The plants we offer are easy-to-grow, rewarding houseplants and are the perfect gift for everyone!

Air Plants In Store London Ontario

Filthy Rebena has a wide variety of plants to choose from

Air plants are plants that require no soil. They attach themselves to other plants and gather nutrients and water from the air.  These plants are very easy to care for and just need a good spray down every couple of weeks. The simple terrariums add that little bit of life to the dullest of rooms and require little in return.


Zebra Haworthia succulents in vintage mugs – $20.00

We are also carrying zebra haworthia in vintage mugs.  Zebra haworthia is a stunning clustering succulent plant that has deep green pointed leaves.  It is popular as a house plant, due to its resistance to drought and general hardiness.  These plants will warm up a bright window-sill and are known to flower indoors.

Succulents Vintage Mugs Filthy Rebena London Ontario

Succulents in Vintage Mugs – $20.00

Houseplants are commonly grown for decorative purposes, positive psychological effects, keeping fresh or health reasons such as indoor air purification.  So come on down to Filthy Rebena (177 Dundas Street) to get your fix of plants!


Disney Heels

You probably already know that Cinderella wore glass slippers to that big dance, but what kind of footwear were the other Disney ladies rocking? Artists Griz and Norm Lemay set out to answer that question with these high fashion-inspired illustrations posted on their Instagram page. These shoes are are to die for, and they must be magic too, because you never hear of a princess complaining to her mice friends about bunions. Hmmm, they were always passing out though. Maybe it was from pain?

Belle is the belle of the ball in these golden beauties.

Alice doesn’t need to be on hallucinogens to smile back at her Cheshire Cat Mary Janes.

Snow White doesn’t feel “Grumpy” about these peep-toe pumps.

Rapunzel probably could’ve gotten out of that tower sooner if it weren’t for these sky high Jimmy Choo’s.

The best part of Sleeping Beauty is when she dances in her color-changing gown, and not the part where a stranger violates her while she’s passed out.

It’s not just the princesses who get the royal footwear treatment. The villains we love to hate have their own gorgeous creations, as well. What’d ya think they’d be wearing? Dr. Scholls? Witch, please. Maleficent’s thorn sandals look like they’d give serious blisters. Maybe that’s why she’s so cranky! Mirror, mirror on the wall, get a load of these shoes will ya?

AND the one shoe you didn’t see comin’… Ursula shoved her big ole tentacle into this ocean-inspired high heel. Classic Sea Witch not giving af about her cankles.

Talented artists Griz and Norm are a husband and wife duo that both work at Disney and create fun fan-art in their free time. Check out their full Instagram here.

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